Outdoor Kitchens

Prepare incredible meals right in your backyard

For homeowners looking to create a truly all-encompassing backyard experience, an outdoor kitchen is the perfect addition. Outdoor kitchens can be small or completely comprehensive depending on your frequency of use and budget. Smaller outdoor kitchens can be outfitted with a mini-fridge, grill and sink to allow for simple food preparation and serving right in the backyard. Larger outdoor kitchens can include everything from a full-sized refrigerator to gas or charcoal grills to pizza ovens and stovetops.

At Acadian, we only use the highest quality materials in all our signature outdoor kitchens. Weather-proof cabinetry and surfaces ensure protection against the elements and longevity. Each kitchen can be custom-designed to fit the grills and appliances of your choosing for a unique layout outfitted with all your favorite features.

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