Backyard Features

Enhance your Backyard with Stunning Features

Fire Features

Nothing brings your backyard to life at night quite like fire. Fire features can be worked into the design of your backyard in a variety of ways. Firepits and fireplaces can become a central gathering point in the backyard and provide heat on chilly spring or fall evenings. Acadian can work with you to develop a custom design incorporating the material of your choice. Fire features can even be worked into the architecture of the pool itself. Fire bowls and columns reflect on pool water at night for a stunning effect in any backyard. Many pool fire features incorporate water as well and are available in a variety of options like bronze, stainless steel and copper.


Built-in spas are perhaps the most popular add-on feature to any swimming pool. Spillover spas offer a high-end look and provide soothing sounds to your backyard oasis. Spas also provide a place to relax after a hard days work, or enjoy a romantic evening with your significant other. Incorporating a spa ensures you can enjoy your pool year round, and benefit from the health effects of hydrotherapy.


Waterfalls are a stunning addition to any swimming pool environment. Especially for homeowners who prefer a more natural look and feel, rock waterfalls can make your pool seem like a pure body of water fresh out of the forest. In addition to the striking visual effect, waterfalls provide the most dramatic auditory tones to any backyard environment, offering the relaxing sound of authentic running water. Plus, when paired with a Variable Speed Pump, you can control the noise level and flow of the water depending on your preferences.

Sun Shelves & Benches

Adding a bench or sun shelf can create contrast in your pool design as well as provide people with a place to sit and relax on warm summer days when being outside the water is simply too hot. They can also provide greater safety as both help people more easily enter and exit the pool, and are perfect for children or family pets to enjoy the water. Sun shelves can be built with exciting add-on features as well like umbrella holders or bubblers.


Bubblers are jets built into the floor of a sun shelf, bench or spa that eject vertical columns of water for a beautiful visual impression and relaxing sound effect. Typically installed in multiples of two or three, bubblers can be paired with a Variable Speed Pump so the height and noise level can be adjusted accordingly.

Scuppers & Sheer Falls

Integrating a set of scuppers or sheer falls into the design of your pool adds to the high end look and feel of your backyard and creates beautiful design effects that are second to none. Scuppers are decorative fountains that are typically built into the wall of a pool and have water flowing out into the pool. Sheer falls are also built into pool walls and emit a continuous sheet of water into the pool. Available in a variety of sizes, options and material types, we can work with you to choose the water effect that best compliments your pool design.

Laminars & Deck Jets

Laminars and deck jets are a popular add-on to any pool design. Both are installed flush in the deck around the pool and emit an arc of water into the pool for a stunning effect and beautiful rushing water sound. Engineered slightly differently, laminars differ from deck jets in that they emit a continuous stream of water giving the look of a glass tube from the deck into the pool.

Ledge Loungers

Ledge Loungers are the perfect add-on to any pool with a sun shelf or tanning ledge. These innovative chaise chairs provide a contoured, comfortable place to relax in the pool on hot summer days when being outside the water simply isn't an option. Made from durable and color-stabilized material, these elegant chairs deliver sleek style in a weather-resistant form for the perfect finishing touch that's also functional.

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